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Buddhist Monks with Umbrellas

Our Work At School

 Our world class Artist very appreciate to share Chinese traditional Arts to your Children

foot juggling umbrellas


Legendary China Assembly
 Lion Dance  &  acrobatic  &  Sichuan Opera

Guinness World Record holder The Chinese Tradition acrobatic brings a variety of acrobatic performances, including Spinning plates, Umbrella juggling, Chinese yo-yo, Ribbon Dance and & interactive

Sichuan Opera performers with the Dramatic music and dance , wearing colorful Costumes and masks to show Chinese magical historical dramas.  

Lion Dance is very popular in China ,deepened the understanding of folk culture 

NOTE: (The Lion Dance may be added to this program as an additional fee)

(Grades: K-12. Length: 45 minutes.)


peking Assembly

This is a 45-minute performance that includes Folk Dance , two interactive demonstrations. In addition to ancient Chinese folk art pieces, Peking Opera Percussion ,follow and into this magic rhythm with Chinese yo-yo. The Chinese yo-yo has a history of 1700 years, as early as the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127 BC).

lion dace lina liu artist

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